Scrolling within day in months view?


In the Month view, is it possible to enable scrolling within a day where many events elongate the display? Please see: … e=9/1/2009

I have forty-eight events in a day. I’m trying to fit the calendar into an 800X800 display. ideally, I could also fit it into an 800 by * (auto-resizing display), but I haven’t figured out the HTML for that.

Any suggestions would be really helpful.

Thank you!

I added “overflow: auto;” to the dhx_month_body CSS element, and that did the trick for me. If there is a better solution, please let me know.

Great product by the way, and excellent (and knowledgeable) support!


Actually event-elements are positioned absolutely, relative to the .dhx_cal_data, so styles of .dhx_month_body must not affect them. ( if it works in your case - fine , but I’m not sure how it works )

With some code tweaking, it possible to limit count of visible events ( show limited count of events per day and just ignore extra ones )

I’m trying to fit the calendar into an 800X800 display
The “fullscreen behavior” can be useful … creen_view