Search and Filtering functionality on DHTMLx Spreadsheet

How can we implement Search functionality or Sorting and Filtering In DHTMLX spreadsheet?
Is there any API for these?
I have found API for DHTMLX Grid but not for Spreadsheet.
Please help me how can we do these?

unfortunately spreadsheet doesn’t support such features for now.

I have implemented the custom search functionality on spreadsheet but the problem is that when i get result of row 3 and 6 then all data show on row 3 and 6. I need to show that data on row 1 and 2 in read only mode. i have set the read only mode when search result is come but don’t able to get data on row 1 and 2. Can you please help me. Really need help asap.


I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Please describe it more in details.