Searching by content in a combo of the lightbox section


We are using a combo in the lightbox section ( We load the data of the combo from a PostgreSQL db). It shows the suggested items which start from the letters, that are entered into the search field.

Is it possible to search the items by content?

Item “Marcel Proust” should appear in the suggested items list when you type “Pro”.

Thank you


The simplest approach will be to modify combo_connector.php

locate in it


and replace with


Ok, Thanks. It works fine!!

one problem…

its there any way to disable the “autocomplete” combo text with the first match?? when you are searching with the combo and press a key, it proposes all matches, but complete the combo with the the first match and delete the text introduced by the user…its very dificult to use…


I coment this code in dhtmlxcombo.js

/* if(b) { var h = this.getComboText(); h != f[1] && (this.setComboText(f[1]), dhtmlXRange(this.DOMelem_input, h.length + 1, f[1].length))} else this.setComboText(f[1]); */

Yep, this feature is designed for “match-by-start” and useless in your case.
The code which you have commented is not necessary for any other task, so it must not cause any side effects.