Searching the grid with regular expressions

I’m trying to implement a regular expression based filter in a grid. For example, if I have a text_filter, I want the filter function to treat the input like a regular expression and filter the list with rows that pass the regex. I know I have to implement a custom function to get regex filtering to work, but the documentation doesn’t answer any of my questions.

I found the section called “Redefining the default logic of filters” here: link

However, it isn’t clear at all what any of the code means or how to implement something custom. For example, what does this do?

var filters = self._get_filters(this.value, 'str');

I can’t find _get_filters in any of the source code so I can’t understand what this is doing.

I also found something like this:

grid.filterBy(index, function(value) { if (any_kind_of_check(value)) return true; // allow row else return false; // deny row })

which may work in some capacity, but I want to learn how to redefine the logic of a built-in filter.

The documentation was updated.
The updated article have the working example: … of_filters