Second AJAX call via dataProcessor

Hello, everyone,
I have a form that is sent via AJAX. It’s all working out fine so far. After sending, a second AJAX call is executed via the dataProcessor.
How can I prevent the second AJAX call via the dataProcessor?

First Ajax Call sending the data:"jsonsend.php",param);
return false;

After that the AJAX call is executed:


Ciao Thomas

Hi Thomas,

since you send updates manually, why do you need dataProcessor for?
You can remove it and use scheduler API events instead:

But, If you need the dataProcessor for something, you can prevent ajax request from onBeforeUpdate event handler:

dp.attachEvent("onBeforeUpdate", function(id, state, data){
    //your code here
    return false;

You may also need to remove the a modified event from the update queue in this case:

dp.attachEvent("onBeforeUpdate", function(id, state, data){
    dp.setUpdated(id, false);
    return false;