Second "map_to" parameter in lightbox ?


When i write the following …

   section_techniker.push({key:tk_id, label:tk_name});	
       {name:"custom", height:23, map_to:"type", type:"select", options:section_techniker},

… it saves the “key” into the field “type” in my data table. This is ok but i would like to save the “label” in the same table too … now i make it with an external function which writes when i save the lightbox. Is there a way to save it with the connector directly?

Thank you

on client side you can use

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventSave", function(id, data){ scheduler.getEvent(id).myNameField = scheduler.getLabel("type", data.type); return true; }

and on server side just add myNameField to the list of fields in the render_table or render_sql command.

You are my hero :slight_smile:

Thank you