Second scale Issues

Hello there,

      name: 'timeline',
      x_unit: 'week',
      x_date: '%F %d',
      x_step: 2,
      x_size: 26,
      x_length: 26
      second_scale: {
        x_unit: 'week', // measuring unit of the second X-Axis
      scrollable: true,
      column_width: 80,
      scroll_position: moment(gStartDate),
      y_unit: [{ key: selectedSimCalcId, label: 'Section A', height: document.body.scrollHeight - 140 }],
      y_property: 'selectedSimCalcId', // mapped data property
      render: 'bar', // view mode
      dy: document.body.scrollHeight - 140,
      dx: 0,
      event_dy: 150,
      round_position: true,
      resize_events: false

I am trying to implement a Sprint View. So my first x unit will be in 2 weeks and i will define each 3 sprint as an Iteration. So whatever i do, second scale always showing as 2 weeks and ignoring my second_scale_x_step. Can you support me on this subject?

Thank you

Hello @ecab,

Unfortunately, the second_scale object can’t take the step parameter, so you can define steps only for the main scale:

  x_step:	1,

The possibility to create more complicated scales with custom units stays in our dev tracker, but unfortunately there is no known ETA when it can be implemented.

Kind regards,