Second splitAt problem

Hello again,

I submitted a problem we had with the splitAt function earlier but have come across another one.

In order for other parts of the site to work it need to refer to the value of any text in the filters. In order to do this I have the following line.

var elname = mygrid.hdr.rows[2].cells[namecolid2].getElementsByTagName(“INPUT”)[0];“namesel”;

namecolid= the index of the column.

This allows javascripts to refer to this value by Id. This works fine until I split the grid with splitAt. Then this line fails. Why would this be?

Many thanks


Grid in header has more complex structure, its header has two real html container, and while elements in right part of grid can be located with
var elname = mygrid.hdr.rows[2].cells[namecolid2].getElementsByTagName(“INPUT”)[0];
elements in left part need to be taken as
var elname = mygrid._fake.hdr.rows[2].cells[namecolid2].getElementsByTagName(“INPUT”)[0];

( latest version - 2.1 - has getFilterElement method, which resolves such issues automatically )

Many thanks - this works fine.