I have a scheduler that is used by multiple (hundreds) of customers. Sections are used to differentiate the userids and names specific to each customer and the “load data” connector filters by customers. Live updates are working fine however a slight issue with the sections. The unit & timeline views filters the sections (users) fine and only shows user events specific to each customer, however the day, week & month views do not.
When Customer A edits an event, live update adds the event to customer B, only on the day, week & month views. My question is can a filter be applied to these views to only allow items that exist in the section list which holds users specific to each customer ?
Our development has come to a grinding halt surrounding this issue. Help VERY Appreciated.

you can define a filter function for day/week/month views and check whether the sections list contains an ‘section_id’ value of an event

Note, that if you have many sections and many events, checking the existance of item in array may became quite heavy. In order to simplify it you can generate search hash when the sections are updated.
E.g.var sectionKeys = {}; gantt.attachEvent("onOptionsLoad", function (){ sectionKeys = {}; var sections = scheduler.serverList("listName"); for(var i = 0; i < sections.length; i++){ sectionKeys[sections[i].key] = true; } });
and filter:scheduler.filter_day = scheduler.filter_week = scheduler.filter_month = function(id, event){ return !!sectionKeys[event.section_id]; }