Select 24 hour starting from halfday

I’ve been able to set the timeline to select and drag event snapping 24 hour but I cant start it by the second half of the day.
I have something similar to the hotel example but I want it shifted by 12 hour so the user could see the arrive at the second half of a day and departure at the first half of the day. Is that a way to add a constrain to the select and to the drag.


You can change start date by using onEventAdded event:

Or set to true scheduler.config.limit_time_select … onfig.html
and set 12 to scheduler.config.first_hour … onfig.html

I reproduced my code on this snippet. All I want to do is when I select or drag or something else every action must start from the second half of a day and must terminate on the first half of any given day.

I know that I can change the event after I created it but it would be better if I can do it directly.

i tried also the first_hour and limit_time_select config but nothing is changed.
Thanks for the help.


By default start_date is setted according a date on the scale in front of which was clicked. You can try to use a way provided in the demo:
Start and end dates always set to 12pm. Now it’s not possible to set 00h by drag or changing dates in the lightbox.

If it is not exactly what you want, perhaps you need to make some changes in source file … r.js#L2436

it doesn’t seem an easy fix.
I have to modify the behave of select drag and resize. If I buy the license will be support to make this fix?


You can describe in more detail how it should work, perhaps it’s possible to implement by making some changes in the demo from my previous post.

If for implementing functionality need more than half of hour, so we can’t do it within a support subscription (if you have a license).
Please contact our sales team if you want us to do a custom development for you.