Select exact time in dhtmlxCalendar

is it possible to select the exact time in the calendar - right now i can only select 00, 05, 10, 15… for the minute - but i would need to set it to values between as well!


In the core dhtmlxcalendar.js there is a function to display minutes.
NOTE I would not recommend tinkering with these files but if you really need to select down to a single minute then here goes…

// init minutes
if (type == “minutes”) {

		this._rsCells = {};
		this.rsCont = document.createElement("DIV");
		this.rsCont.className = "dhtmlxcalendar_area_"+css;
		var i = 0;
		for (var q=0; q<[b]10[/b]; q++) {
			var ul = document.createElement("UL");
			ul.className = "dhtmlxcalendar_selector_line";
			for (var w=0; w<[b]6[/b]; w++) {
				var li = document.createElement("LI");
				li.innerHTML = this._fixLength(i,2);
				li.className = "dhtmlxcalendar_selector_cell";
				li._minutes = i;
				li._cell = true;
				this._rsCells[i] = li;

if you change to q<10 and w<6 then you will get a 6 x 10 grid; if you change to i+=1 then the minutes will show increments of 1 rather than 5.

in the stylesheet dhtmlxcalendar.css you need to change the width of the minutes selection table so the table is wide enough for 6 x 10 cells

.dhtmlxcalendar_container div.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_obj.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_minutes table.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_table td.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_cell_middle ul.dhtmlxcalendar_selector_line {
width: 162px;
height: 17px;

I suggest you save these as separate versions of the calendar and call them only when you need to select 0 - 59 minutes

alternatively you could have a separate input on the form for the minutes…