Select_filter and duplicate values

I have column type - LINK. On it I have #select_filter.

I have repeating values in this column. Say value ‘abc’ repeats 5 times in column, I see ‘abc’ 5 times in the filter as well.
Any way to show only distinct values only in #select filter.

Try to use attached version of dhtmlxgrid_excell_link.js (954 Bytes)

can dhtmlxgrid_excell_link.js you gave possibly break the group by over link columns?

On doing group By on a ‘link’ column - all group by headings show as - "No "
even where there is value for the column cell on which group by is done.

I am testing more to make sure there is no other reason.

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please open ticket at and we’ll provide working example

If you are using .net connector this answer is for you.

You can use either distinct or group by to remove duplicate items from the filter. I am providing a sample, which may be helpful I believe.

here I have a select filter where I wanted to filter grid based on the value in the District drop down list. I use

dhtmlxOptionsConnector filterDistrict = new dhtmlxOptionsConnector(“select distinct district from v_EmailGroups”, connector.Request.Adapter, “district”);
connector.OptionsConnectors.Add(connector.Request.RequestedFields[0], filterDistrict);

where district is the table field

In this way you can use any complex SQL Queries to customize Grid.
Hope this helps. :nerd: