select filter not working with javascript link excell

Hi ,

I am writing a link excell type for my cell which is something like this :
function eXcell_link(cell){
this.cell = cell;
this.grid = this.cell.parentNode.grid;
this.isDisabled=function(){return true;}
this.edit = function(){}
this.getValue = function(){
return this.cell.firstChild.innerHTML
return “”;
this.setValue = function(val){
if((typeof(val)!=“number”) && (!val || val.toString()._dhx_trim()=="")){
this.setCValue(" “,valsAr);
return (this.cell._clearCell=true);
var valsAr = val.split(”^");
valsAr[1] = “”;

   this.setCValue("<a href='#' onclick='"+valsAr[1]+"'>"+valsAr[0]+"</a>",valsAr);


eXcell_link.prototype = new eXcell;
var z=this.cell.firstChild;
return ((z&&z.tagName)?z.getAttribute(“href”):"");
var z=this.cell.firstChild;
return ((z&&z.tagName)?z.innerHTML:"");

On clicking the link it is directed to a javascript function. The code I am using is like this :


I have also added the new js file " dhtmlxgrid_excell_link_mod.js " that Olga had mentioned in a previous post .
But the select filter still shows up with all the unnecessary link details !
It has worked before when I used a href link but not working with javascript function link. Please help.
I need the select filter to show only the company values and not the other link details.

Please, try to remove dhtmlxgrid_excell_lnk_mod.js.
Select filter works well with your link exCell type.