#select_filter on grid hides options behind the grid, not v

Hi team,

I have a grid with header filter attached. When I load up my grid (using XML string) and click the drop down box arrow the drop down select box in the header filter (of type #select_filter) is not showing showing and they look as if they are obscured behind the grid although they are contained in the drop down box. I can start typing the option in the select box and it will auto complete but it fails to show the drop down box.

Any idea?



The #select_filter uses native select input to show list of options, so I don’t see any possible way to cause such behavior.
If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample where it can be reconstucted.

To replicate the problem you need to have your grid in an inactive dhtmlx tab :

1- Have tabbar with two tabs

2- Put grid1 in Tab1, and grid2 in Tab2

3- When  Tab1 is active then the filters will work correctly.

4- If you switch to Tab2 you will see that the filter drop down is hidden behind the grid.



Add next coded to the tabbar initialization.


it must resolve problem.

Thanks, but it made it worse! It hid the tab contents completely and now we can’t see anything.

So what tabbar.enableForceHiding(true) suppose to do?

This command switches mode used for hiding tabbar content ( visibility:hidden or display:none )
Please check attached sample

1220346153.zip (139 KB)