#select_filter_strict not working

I had been using #select_filter in my header however it wasn’t a strict filter. For instance if I filter the value “Cancelled” it shows both “Cancelled” and “Cancelled in Field” values. I want a strict filter. I saw another post with someone saying the same basic thing and an updated dhtmlxgrid_filter.js file was posted which I downloaded and placed in the old files spot. However when I try to use the #select_filter_strict type the filters appear in the header as expected however it doesn’t actually show any results. If it’s non-filtered it displays all results, when I choose a result to filter by all results dissappear and when I select the blank option from the drop down the results are not displayed, my grid stays blank. I am using the free version, is strict filtering only enabled in the purchased version?

Updated js file must work with standard edition of grid as well. ( sample attached )
The file purposed to be used with dhtmlxgrid 1.6 , so if you are using older version of grid - some errors may occur.
If problem occurs when you are using updated js file with dhtmlxgrid 1.6 - please provide any kind of sample where issue can be reconstructed ( you can send it directly to support@dhtmlx.com )

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