#select_filter VS OptionsConnector problem


I have a tabbar with 2 tabs with one grid in each.

First grid loads from xml and has several #select_filter attached to header and has no combo fields. When it loaded all select_filters work fine without any server requests.

The second grid has combo field which fills via OptionsConnector on server side. After this grid loaded the filters of first grid became server oriented (they send server requests) what is wrong.

Please advise how this issue can be fixed.


Hi guys,

can anybody help?

Each grid has fully separate settings, so loading second grid, must not affect first one in any way.
Be sure that you are using different names and different containers for both grids.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.

Here is dhtmlx.bizvon.biz/ the demo, on the first tab “Descriptions” two filters attached #text_filter and #select_filter, both working fine without server requests. After switching to second tab “Attributes” and then go back to “Descriptions” tab - filters will broken and start send server requests. Second grids server script has next lines

$options = new OptionsConnector($dhtmlRes);
$options->render_sql("SELECT id as value,name as label FROM lists WHERE parent_id='0' AND group_id=$currentGroupId", "id", "id(value),name(label)");
$attrGrid->set_options("list_id", $options);
$attrGrid->render_sql("SELECT * FROM attributes WHERE catalog_id=$currentGroupId ORDER BY `order` ASC", "id", ",panel,name,list_id,is_defined,is_text,is_bool,required,hidden,filter,filter_only,to_brief", "author,date,coauthor,codate");

if i comment first 3 lines with $options - second grid will not load combos of course but filters of first grid will work correctly, thats why i think that the reason in connector sctipt.

Problem was confirmed and fixed.
Please try to use attached js file instead of original one
connector.zip (1.49 KB)

Works fine now.
Thank you.