"Select List" custom field: usage in template "Option name"

Hello and thanks for the excellent application.
I am trying to display the selection of an event’s “Select List” custom field in the schedule display, and am getting the name of the field, instead of, I suppose, it’s label. That is to say it is not displaying the “option name”.

In the admin panel under Templates, for the editable section under “scheduler.templates.event_text=function(start,end,event){”
I have the following code:

return "Job Number:<b> "+event.text+"</b><br>"+"Client:<b> "+event.client+"</b><br>"+"Title:<b> "+event.title+"</b><br>"+"Designer:<b> "+event.designer;

In the admin panel under Custom fields I have:

instead of displaying the Option Name in the events, it is displaying the “select lists” name plus an underscore and ascending value for each option in the select list.

I get the sense that i should be able to edit the code in the Templates admin to get the desired result, but have been unable to determine what I should use instead of “+event.designer;”. I suppose it is beyond my current skills.

If I could correctly display the selected values of select list custom fields in the schedule it would help me in my job enormously.

Thank you for any help.

There is no simple way to obtain such info, but you can try to use the next





Thank you for the prompt reply,
Unfortunately, when I replace event.designer with the provided code, the events no longer render in the day, week etc views. they do show in the month and detail form views. The code for the event_text template admin panel now is;

return "Job Number:<b> "+event.text+"</b><br>"+"Client:<b> "+event.client+"</b><br>"+"Title:<b> "+event.title+"</b><br>"+"Designer:<b> "+scheduler._props["designer"].order[(event.designer||"").split("_")[1]].label;

Am I in error for my usage for the the supplied code? please advise.
Your further assistance is greatly appreciated

Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem. It would be nice, if there were a solution for this problem. The scheduler is really great (i’m using it as component in Joomla), but this feature is essenciall for me.
Have a nice day

Scheduler 2.3 allows to use

return "Job Number:<b> "+event.text+"</b><br>"+"Client:<b> "+event.client+"</b><br>"+"Title:<b> "+event.title+"</b><br>"+"Designer:<b> "+scheduler.getLabel("designer", event.designer);

getLabel transforms id to the label, for known collections.

This functionality will be included in next update of Joomla plugin ( will be released in next two weeks )

Thank you for a quick answer, I’m looking forward for the new joomla implementation. Have a nice day.