Select option - Tabbar


It’s possible to select with code an option of tabbar at any time?

Yes, as for all inputs you can use setValue method


It will change state of tabbar and will show related view if there was some linked multiview.

What are the events available for tabbar, when i try to attache the onItemClick event i don’t et the i \d of the element which is clicked but the id of the master container i.e. tabbar. Can anyone suggest how to get it ??

In addition to onItemClick, tabbar fires

  • onBeforeTabClick
  • onAfterTabClick

I have this code:

And the console displays …

dhx.ui.segmented.setValue is undefinef

Am I doing something wrong?

The same code works correctly locally.

Check that there is only one element with such id as “tabbar” on the page.
You may try to update js file with one from the next post, while it has not any special issues, there was some other fixes, which may be related to the problem.