HI, i have two select in my form, when i choice an option from first select how can i populate the second select options ?

i try with the “onChange” event, and put something like this:

var doc = myForm.getSelect(“doc”);// doc is my second select
doc.connector = “selectOptions.php?lista=estados”;

but it doesnt work, any idea??

thank you


will not work

for now it:

  1. load data from server manualy
  2. doc.options.add(new Option(value, text));

You can try to use combo group to achieve similar result … roups.html


almost forgot
since latest update form have functionalit you’re looking for
check blog’s post
and sample also available (inside zip) dhtmlxForm/samples/08_dyn_features/05_options_reload.html

thank you andrei…

thats what i need.

but i have no more updates for my pro version :frowning:

anyway… i will populate manually

thank you


you can try by adding dhxform_dyn.js file from std zip from blog

just a test . :laughing: