selectbox (coro) issue with paste from excel

When I paste data from Excel, even if the data is not in the list, it copies it in the coro field.

I would like to have the cell empty if the copied value is not a valid one (not in the current list of value). How this could be done?

Unfortunately such behavior can be changed only with code modification. Please inform if such way of solution will work for you - we will provide more detail about which code and in which way may be changed to adjust to your needs.

Technically , grid has onCellChanged event, which called each time when cell value changed and can be used for your needs , but it will slowdown data loading a lot

     if (ind==INDEX_OF_CORO && value!=ALLOWED_ONE)

thank you,

here is what I use for value!=allowed_one

function isInArray(needle, arrayHaystack)
 for (x=0; x < arrayHaystack.length; x++)
 if (arrayHaystack[x] == needle)
 return true;
 return false;

and call it this way:


any better solution?


To make it faster you can use object instead of array

var check={

if (check[value]) do_some();

such kind of checking will be few times faster

can be based on built in methods as
if (mygrid.getCombo(ind).keys._dhx_find(value)!=-1) do_some();