Selectbox inside CDATA tag in dhtmlxgrid xml

Facing problem with the selectboxes that are included in CDATA tag in dhtmlx grid xml chunk.
Grid loads properly and all the functionalities are working fine in all the browsers except IE8.
When working in IE8, user can’t select anything from the select box on one click of the mouse, user has to click multiple times until the select box opens and doesn’t closes on its own in no time.

Attaching the demo html file.
I am loading this grid in a pop-up and was in impression that the problem is because of pop-up
but on completion of demo page it came to light that problem persists when the grid is loaded on main page also.

Demo.rar (247 KB)

We will investigate the issue
As fast solution, you can add

fngrid.attachEvent("onBeforeSelect",function(){ return false; })