selectbox to view week for a single unit

I createt a selectbox to change and view a single unit schedule;
I can choose to see all and it will display exactly like unit view and works correctly when I add an event to a specific unit, it passes the right unit_id to event to be stored.

But in other single week views it continue passes the first unit_id I got first time I load scheduler.

I created and works fine with unit view:

scheduler.createUnitsView({ name:"unit", property:"section_id", list:collabList, //created with scheduler.serverList skip_incorrect:true, days:7 });

and when I change to week view for a single unit I do:

scheduler.load("URLReloadDatatoSingleUnit", "json"); scheduler.setCurrentView(new Date(), "week");

but when add new event I continue receiving the first id of first unit: section_id = 1
also when i switch to see week calendar for section_id: 3

There’s a method to set or change this parameter section_id when switch view to week (not using “unit” view)?


You need to add new custom section to lightbox to have the possibility set required section for event like in this sample: … _view.html