Selected Cell


How can i know the ID of the cellected cell. I try to use the fonction cellById without parameter but there is a bug and it doesn’t work. And if this function has no bug, how with a dhtmlXGridCellObject can i know the ID of the cell ??


If you have dhtmlXGridCellObject you can get id of the row and cell index with:

var ind=obj.cell._cellIndex;
var id=obj.cell.parentNode.idd;

Thanks for answer.

But you don’t answer why the function cellById without parameter doesn’t work.


cellById(row_id, col) require parameters

* row_id - row id
* col - column index

This parameters are mandatory. There is no way to use this method without row Id or column index parameter.

But How can i know the id or the index of the selected cell ???


You can use methods: getSelectedRowId, getSelectedCellIndex. … #selection