Selected Row


I am unable to read the selected row id in the grid component

I am using mygrid.getSelectedRowId() but it doesn t work

How can i read selected row id?

Thank you


Actually the
    mygrid.getSelectedRowId() (  or    mygrid.getSelectedId() )
is the correct way to get ID of currently selected row(s)

If no row selected in grid, function will return null value.

Hello I seem to have the same problem! I am using grid dhtmlx 1.6.

When I execute mygrid.getSelectedId() as well as mygrid.getSelectedRowId(), I receive NULL as the result.

I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong and how to solve the problem!

I am therefore asking for help

Best regards!

Problem solved!

I accidentally initialised the grid twice. After removing the second entry mygrid.init() everything worked!

Sorry for spamming this post!