SelectedRow change link color


I’m having some problems with the dhtmlxgrid, and link colors.
My default grid had 2 row colors, light and dark beige.
And when I select a row, the selection turns blue.

One of my columns is a link column which links to documents. But the link is black.
I would like to make the color of the link white of the row I selected.

Does anyone have an idea about this?
I’ve added a picture so you understand what I mean.

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately such feature is not supported. link exCell uses the css style of the common html-link on your page. So changing the css style of the links on your page you will also change the style of your links in the grid:

[code]/* unvisited link */
a:link {
color: #FF0000;

/* visited link */
a:visited {
color: #00FF00;

/* mouse over link */
a:hover {
color: #FF00FF;

/* selected link */
a:active {
color: #0000FF;