Selecticting item in a combo from code

Hello all!
I finally found a way to test if the user selected an item in a filtering combo before saving the form in this post:
If my user loads this form again, I would like to select the item of the combo my user originaly saved.
I was convinced I was doing this correctly because I see the combo’s description of the item correctlly, but if I save the form again, the test added above fails… evidently I’m not selecting the item but just showing its description…!
Can someone pls. show me the right way of assigning an item to a combo from code?
Thank you very much for any suggestions!


please specify exact awaited behaviour? i.e.

  1. user open page with form
  2. doing this and this
  3. at this moment I need to know this and this…

Hello Andrei,
thank you and sorry for my late response…

[code]var z2=myForm.getCombo(“commessa01”);
var arr = value.split("§");

Given that the values in arr[0] and arr[1] are correct, .setComboValue and .setComboText seem to do the same thing… they assign the value ONLY to the visible field of the combo… the value (key) remains blank…!

Could you pls. show me which is the right method to use?

Thank you very much,

Hi, thank you for your comment! :wink:

I would like to specify that I’m using ver. 3.5 of the suite… I don’t know if this issue was fixed in more recent releases…



Please update to latest 5.0 version.

I was hoping you wouldn’t say that… :cry:

Thank you! I’ll try…