Selecting dates according to given days in calender


I have applied this calender first time in my php code where i am trying to schedule events in calender only on those days which are selected by the user and in between start date to end date.
For eg. ( If user selects Monday, Friday from 11-sept-2017 (startdate) to 30-sept-2017 (enddate). Like this image:-

Then in calender it will book event only on monday and Friday which are coming in between startdate and enddate.
But in my calender i am getting a whole line from startdate to enddate which i don’t want.

Any help would be appreciated…


The existing design of dhtmlxScheduler requires that the event is a single entity with start, end dates and without breaks inside.
It is rather hard to change this behavior.

In your case, it has sense to create multiple events during form saving, or a single recurring event which will repeat self on selected days of week.