Selective cell data send to server by DataProcessor?

I have a delete button that process the deleteRow ability of a Grid using DataProcessor.

I make senses to just send the $_GET[‘!nativeeditor_status’] and $_GET[‘gr_id’] to process the delete operation. Everything else is irrelevant.

Since each row in my Grid has 10 cells, the URL request looks messy with all the redundant data.

Same situation with update on each cell with autoUpdate (upon update new cell value, dataprocessor fires right away), it is reasonable to just send the name/value pair of cell to server. It is unnecessary to send the whole row name/value pair.

Is there a way to just send the updated cell ?



You can use


Beware that standard connectors lib will not work in such mode.


Can you elaborate ‘standard connectors lib’ will not work in such mode ?

After such command dataprocessor will send only changed values to the server side, but if you are using connector lib on server side - it will not be able to save such updates in the database. You need to use some custom code there.