Selenium IDE and DHTMLX context menu

Hey everybody,

I’m using the Slenium IDE in Firefox to automate some UI tests and I am also using the DHTMLX components.
Now my problem is to to open the context menu of a row of an grid element. I tried to use the “mouseDownRight” and “mouseUpRight” events, tried to set the mouse over the element (“mouseOver”) and also tried to “clickAndWait” after a “mouseDownRight”.
The oddity is that when I click the element with the mouse and then execute a “moseRightDown” the context menu will be opened (unfortunately in the top left corner of my web application).

If you have a a solution for this problem I would be glad to her it :slight_smile:
Thank you, Wiggle

I think this online sample can help you: … _menu.html

Not really, sorry.
I don’t see the solution for my problem on this site…
Maybe you can post the snippet you mean, maybe that would help me :wink:

Thank you for the quick response :smiley:

In that case could you attach your html code to show us your use-case.

I’m not allowed to post any code in a Forum, sorry. My company has rules not to publish code, it’s all secret…
I thought the solution is as easy as the problem to click a DHTMLX button (“mouseOver”, “mouseDown”, “clickAndWait”).
If there in not such an easy solution I think it would be too complicated to use this testcase in “real life” :slight_smile:
But if there IS an easy solution please let me know.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Maybe you could tell me which code you need?
My code works perfectly, I can open every context menu, I can click the lines and so on…
The only problem is to open the context menu out of Selenium IDE.
I can do every action with Selenium IDE except of do a right click and open the context menu.

I think you overlooked that I am working with the Selenium IDE because the code how I generated the grid and the context menu would not help I think :wink:

What I do in Firefox:
right cklick on the row -> context menu opens
What I do in Selenium:
mouseOver row
mouseDown on row
click on row
mouseUp from row
mouseOut from row
mouseOver row
mouseDownRight on row -> context menu does not open
click on row with mouse (in Firefox directly)
mouseDownRight on row -> context menu opens

I found a solution for my problem. If someone else has the same problem:

First you have to “mouseMove” the mouse to the element where to open the DHTMLX context menu (“mouseOver” does NOT work!).
Then you can do a “mouseDownRight” and the context menu should open (only problem: it opens at the coordinates 0 / 0 -> top left corner, but that is okay for my test case).

Thank you for your help so far :slight_smile: