_self not working in IE 8

I’m working in asp and I have a grid embedded in a page that is attached to a layout, I want the link in the grid to open on _self (the layout cell).

This works in Firefox, however, IE 8 opens in a new window. I’ve also tested this on IE6 and the link opens on self but not within the layout. The page with the gird is attached to the layout via the attachURL function.

grid data from the xml file
Response.Write("" & rs(i) & “^…/issues/details.asp?issue_id=” & rs(i) & “^_self”)

I have also tried attaching a javascript call, with the same results.
Response.Write("" & rs(i) & “^javascript:linkClick(”""&rs(i)&""")^_self")

Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong?