Send custom data/parameters to server with load or anything

first of all, very nice work for all your products.

We have a little problem with the scheduler, we’d like to send custom data to the server for filtering or other actions on server side. We know we can use set parameters in the url used with .load() but it can’t be dynamic.
Would be perfect if would have been used instead of .get() in the load function… we could set post variable.

another nice solution is to create a new event : onBeforeLoad that would allow to define new url on each load if needed.

Third way, which we are going to test, is to change the _load_url manually when needed, but not very clean…

Anyone got an idea or could confirm us that it is the only way actually ?

Thank you in advance.

Most probably we will add onBeforeLoad events as part of the next update.

As temporary solution you can reload “_load” method

scheduler.load(url, from){, params, function(l) { this.on_load(l); }); }

Thank you for your solution.

We did think about it, but that mean that we need to reuse .load() everytime needed.

We will keep the ._load_url change until the onBeforeLoad is added.

PS : why wasn’t .post used at beginning instead of .get ? Could give so much more opportunities to customize.