Send data from dhtmlxtreegrid to scheduler


I develop scheduler timeline view with tree sections. Due to there is no built-in support of nested trees in scheduler via options connector (supp. only flat struct.) I have decided to serialize data from existing treegrid and save it as an array for y_unit parameter. My questions are following:

Can I load to “y_unit” serialized xml struct from treegrid. If no, how to get actual js array of treegrid? I did not find method like serializeArray.

Thank you.

unfortunately it’s not possible to load xml into the Timeline. You’ll have to manually iterate TreeGrid and generate structure for Timeline.
You may try TreeGrid ‘.forEachChild’ iterator, as described here … n_iterator

Virtual root has ‘0’, so if you call the method with this parameter it should bypass the whole tree

My problem is I am not a professional programmer.

I can get flat structure by:


			sections.push({key:, label: grid2.cells(,1).getValue()}); 

But I cannot build hierarhical object from treegrid (lost many hours, please help), like this:

var sections = [{key:10, label:“Web Testing Dep.”, open: true, children: [
{key:20, label:“Elizabeth Taylor”},
{key:30, label:“Managers”, open: true, children: [
{key:40, label:“John Williams”},
{key:50, label:“David Miller”}
{key:60, label:“Linda Brown”},
{key:70, label:“George Lucas”}
{key:80, label:“Kate Moss”},
{key:90, label:“Dian Fossey”}];

Assuming that you are using dhtmlxTreeGrid, which is not available in GPL edition, you must have a support subscription.

Please post this question at support system ( )