send() error: object.tagname is null or not an object


I have a form with data which I want to send to the server.
the form contains some textfields and 2 selection fields
I’m using the command dhxform.send(url,“post”,function(xml){alert(“send ok”);});

In Internet explorer it gives me an error “object.tagname is null or not an object” on line 1097 in dhtmlxform.js

That line contains the following: switch (elem[‘object’].tagName){

In firefox it works just fine but the people using the application are using Internet Exploror. Can you tell me what’s wrong?

kind regards,

In addtion this is the xml that defines the form:


G - Grondstoffen - levering G1 - Grondstoffen - wapening G2 - Grondstoffen - beton G3 - Grondstoffen - VS Elementen G4 - - Grondstoffen - * KG M ST U [/code]

We have not recreated the problem locally with the library attached here: