Sending data to table


I have tried sending data from DHTMLX touch front end to table. Here’s the code i used, this one adds one row to table, is not sending the data. Can someone help me?

By below code, i am just trying to get Username and Password saved in backend table.



<?php require_once('../common/config.php'); require_once('../codebase/connector/form_connector.php'); // sleep(1); $form = new FormConnector($conn); //$form->enable_log('log123.txt'); $form->render_table("myapp","id","user_name, password"); ?>

change js code as

{ view: ‘button’, label: ‘Submit’, click:“dhx.ajax().post(‘data.php?action=insert’,this.getValues());”,id: ‘cmdSubmit’}

and in data.php, you need to have something like

<?php require_once("./common/config.php"); $data = new JSONDataConnector($db,$dbtype); $data->render_table("users", "id", "name,age,group_name,city,phone,sex,driver_license"); ?>