Sending Serialized treegrid through Dataprocessor and retrei

I am using TreeGrid control in my application, currently i am using Dataprocessor to send changed objects to my java servlet.

I wish to serialize the miodified gridtree, i know how the serialize command works, but i wish to know in which variable would

the serialized object be stored as on the serverside, how i assiociate the serialized XML string with a data object name on the server side

I am just enclosing some code snippet

function sendData(){

//submit serialized gridtree



var myXmlStr = mygrid.serialize();


location.href="<%="/Banking/ProcessServlet %>";


<!-- HTML code----->


You can store serialized grid in the global user data. Please find more information here … a#userdata


If you are using form integration, serialized state of the grid, will be sent with the form as

where “gridbox” - ID of container, inside which grid was initialized ( )