serialisation problem

Hi, i want the serialization to give me the entire grid in xml however each time i try to get it i get the following error:

eXcell_undefined is not defined

cells2(td)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 210)

cells(“tb_1”, 22)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 210)

setCellTextStyle()dhtmlXGrid_splt.j… (line 18)

_serializeRow(tr.ev_light, undefined)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 268)

f(“tb_1”, function())dhtmlXGrid.js (line 261)

f(0, function())dhtmlXGrid.js (line 261)

setSerializationLevel([tr.ev_light], undefined, undefined)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 261)

serialize()dhtmlXGrid.js (line 273)

onRowDblClicked(“tb_1”, 1)I.19_CustomiseQue… (line 14670)

addEvent()dhtmlXGrid.js (line 354)

callEvent(“onRowDblClicked”, [“tb_1”, 1])dhtmlXGrid.js (line 351)

setMultiselect(dblclick clientX=0, clientY=0)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 167)

onmousemove(dblclick clientX=0, clientY=0)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 279)

[Break on this error] var c = this.getRowById(row_id);var cell=(c._childIndexes?c.childNodes[c._child…

i load my file through xml and using this line to try to serialize:

var a=mygrid.serialize();

thanks for your help

>>eXcell_undefined is not defined

The reason of such error - some cell in grid has not type defined, the issue can be caused by incorrect setting column types - please be sure that you have column types set for all columns ( setColTypes command of type attribute in XML )

>>cells(“tb_1”, 22)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 210)
The operation failed when executing command against column 22 - is it has correct column type set?

If problem still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed. ( you can contact us directly at )


ok we have got the grid working fine now, its because we were not initialising the columns in the xml document. we have done that now and it is working fine

however we have another question now. we are using the smartparsing on the treegrid but and when someone makes a change in the grid and click save we want to take the entire grids xml and replace the xml document with that code. however we have noticed that if the grid folders have not been opened - therefore the data for those folders have not been loaded due to the smartparsing then the serialise is only giving us the xml for the folders that have been opened.

basically it gies us the xml only for the folders that have been opened but we want it to give us the xml for the entire grid whether they have been opened (loaded) or not, is there a way we can force this while still keeping the high performance speed that the smartparsing provides. thanks


Problem confirmed and fixed ( it was actually a bug ) - fix will be available as part of next version , if you need it ASAP - please contact us directly at - I will provide you a fixed code.

Ok thanks