I am using dhtmlxTree component. When performing serialization, I need your object to create XML including both the checkboxes that user checked and child=1 information, otherwise when the tree is created from the XML file created by serialization, it is missing the child information and only the branches with checked boxes show, other branches are not expandable and the user cannot modify his selections. How should I set the parameters in setSerializationLevel to get XML with both: checked checkboxes and child=1 information. Thank you.

John Ganon

To serialize “checked” attribute, you need to enable full XML serialization by


Unfortunately info about not loaded branches will be missed in any case. To fix situation you can made next small modification

dhtmlxtree_xw.js, line 102

    out=’<item id…+’>’;
must be replaced with
    out=’<item id…+( ((this.XMLsource)&&(itemNode.XMLload==0))?" child=“1” “:”")+’>’;

or just contact us at - we will provide you updated code which stores loaded state in serialization as well.