serialize and filter

Hi there, here is my problem, hope someone can help me.

I’ve a grid with n columns, one of these columns is checkbox type where i can select any rows that i need, on the other hand, i have a text input where i can filter data of one column, my problem comes here.

For example, if i select the first and second row on my grid, and then i used the input with the grid.makeFilter(“textobject”,1); my grid changes according to the filter, so, with grid filtered i select another row (for example, row 30), finally when i call the function myXmlStr = grid.serialize(); only show me the last row that i select but the previously selected not anymore.

If i print an alert with the value of serialize, it only contains the last row selected, any ideas?

Thanks in advance

This is expected behavior. Grid serialization can serialize only visible rows. To achieve desire behavior you can unfilter grid before serialize it:

mygrid.filterBy(column_index,""); var myXmlStr = mygrid.serialize()

Once again thank you very much for your answer Olga.
Best regards.

Euler Sánchez G.

Hello, when i aply the grid filter and then select some rows everything is ok, but when i clear that filter using the following code and then print the value of serialize

grid.filterBy(3,""); var myXmlStr=''; myXmlStr = grid.serialize(); alert (myXmlStr);

these rows that i selected doesn’t appear selected on the check column, only appear the selected rows before the filter was used.

i noticed that when i “erase” the filter my grid doesn’t respect the selected rows using the filter

Any ideas?

Any help here?