I wonder if anyone has experienced a newline character being found in the seraized CSV data (besides at the end of the grid row)

This is strange and seems data sensitive, but of three or four systems running the same software (I think) only one shows this.

I serializeToCSV only a couple of lines of about 10 cells.

in one case I get a LF (%0A) at the end of the data in about the 4th cell.

The xml data file that stuffs this grid looks fine. I think I am using version 1.5 Pro (176593175 )

any ideas?


The behavior may be related to the used browser|OS
If you are have data in XML as


The newlines from XML may be actually preserved inside data ( FireFox ) and outputed as part of XML serialization
Removing unnecessary newlines from data must resolve issue

If issue still occurs - please provide a sample of problematic XML

Just to close this loop, it was determined that in fact, the NL was in the input data!

the xml file handles the newlines outside the cells fine.