Serializing DHTMLXGrid MetaData


I am using DhtmlxGrid in one of the projects with features like groupBy , filterBy and other advanced features of the grid .

We have a requirement in which we want to save the operations that user has done on the grid for eg. groupBy on 3rd column etc, so that once the user comes in to the page all the operations can be performed on the grid.

I went through the serialization examples and found that you can save the grid data , but serialization didn’t give me the grid columns information and also the operations performed on the grid.

We are not interested in the data as the data is real time but we want to save the operations performed on the grid.

Is their any way we can do that ?


There is no public methods to access such data.
There are two ways

a) use private internals - I can provide more data, but it can be changed with update to the next version.

b) add wrappers to filterBy and groupBy methods ( due to js dynamic nature it not a problem to inject a custom code in existing methods and track their calls )