SERIOUS Error after update

I have updated the dhtmlx.css and dhtmlx.js to latest versions.

Now, wherever I try to close a window with a form I get and error on line 189 of dhtmlx.js in function:

obj.detachAllEvents = function(){for (var name in this){if (name.indexOf(“ev_”)==0)
delete this[name];}

where name = ev__onbeforetryresize

and the code locks up…

what is happening? I cannot easily post a sample as it’s basically the whole website!

Actually, I’ve managed to reproduce the error with just the simple attached code

the code sits in a folder /sandbox1

and the
dhtmlx.css & dhtmlx.js, etc in a folder called /sandbox/dhtmlx
testSample.rar (955 Bytes)

You attached ONLY html file in the rar.
I tested it with my dhtmlx_pro_full folder - it works fine.
Need your files to test it.