Server based Setup & Drag/Drop Question

Hi there,

Unfortunately I have no coding experience but the Scheduler offers exactly what I need for a university project. So I would love to be able to set it up.

I can get the scheduler to run locally but the server side integration is a huge hassle for me. I havent find a non-dev-friendly guide yet that helps me out. Any ideas? If there is no non-dev-friendly tutorial I would consider paying someone to help me out. Any ideas where to find someone?

Second question:
I would like to implement a drag & drop function of events that are stored -outside- the schedular. So I have preset of events under the schedular and I`d like to be able to just drag and drop them into the calendar.

I have provided a screenshot of what I mean here:

Ive looked through the expansions but couldnt find one that would help me doing this. Can someone spot me into a direction that allows me to do this?

Thank you for your time!


Our guides are created for developers, because coding skills are required for working with our JS components.
Find on the page “Loading and Storing Data”.
You can contact our sales department at if you need help.

Yes, it is possible. Read more how it can be implemented in the guide