Server Side Filtering doesnt work

Hi guys!

I am using DHTMLX PRO edition. it works well but i have some problems with ss-filtering, which I would like to now if there are some limitations i dont know about.

  1. Client side:
    I am putting #connector_select_filter into the header, but it doesnt render, just the text shows up.
    Dhtmlx.js and connector.js are included, the regular combo boxes render without a problem.
    Whats going on?

  2. Server side:
    Using grid in paging mode and loading the data with the reder_sql php method.
    set_options however doesnt show any effect on co/roco elements nor on custom filters.

grid->set_options("field1",array("1" => "test1", "2"=>"test2","3" => "test3"));

The query is quite complicated and using aliases…

Any ideas? Unfortunatelly there are no samples on this on the website, so its hard to work this out.


but it doesnt render, just the text shows up.
a) connector.js not included
b) dhtmlxgrid_filter.js not included
c) there are some typos in filter name

  1. Server side:
    set_options must be before render_sql, any commands after render of main connector will be ignored