Server side filtering in dynamic smart rendering

We have grids using dynamic smart rendering and we need server side filtering for these grids. My requirement is to filter the rows with the entered text/numeric in the filter fields attached to the grid header. As soon as I enter the text in the filter fields(without clicking any button), the call should go to the server by appending the filter string in the URL. Can some body post the working sample for this.

Is there any event on the filter to register the ‘Enter’ button on the key board. After I type the text in the column #text_filter or #numeric_filter and press ‘Enter’ on the key board an event should able to catch text entered in the column #text_filter or #numeric_filter .
Is there any such event on the filters?

For creating a server-side filter in the header of your grid you may place an html-input in your header with any required event handler and function for reloading the data of your grid.

@sematik could you please provide an example how to properly place custom html input in dhx grid header?

Here you can find a tutorial about redefining the default filtering logic:
Also, here you can find a tutorial about the custom filtering in the dynamic loading mode:
You are also able to control the filtering process to refine its logic to the needed one using the onFilterStart event: