Server-side getRecDates

Hi there

I need to parse an event’s rec_type field on the server-side (using Java) so that I can get an array of all the occurrences (up to a max) of that event. In other words, I need the Java equivalent of DHTMLX Scheduler’s getRecDates() method.

The reason I need this is so I can process events on the server-side to generate a list of suggestions for the user. Under our current app design, this will not be easy to do on the client-side.

So, I would like to ask if there is either a Java implementation of this functionality already available for DHTMLX (through something similar to the Java Connector you provide) or, alternatively, what would be the easiest way for me to implement this myself (i.e. writing a Java implementation or using some other workaround)?

Your help would be very much appreciated!


Don’t worry, wrote my own method to parse it.