Server side python script for upload object


I have an upload object in my form:

{type:"upload", name: "myFile", inputWidth: 200, autoStart: true, multiple: false, url: "/", swfPath: "../dhtmlx/dhtmlxForm/codebase/ext/uploader.swf", swfUrl: "/"}

My python script ( is run when a file is chosen since the autoStart is true but it gets errors “premature end of script headers”.

What data gets passed to the python script from the upload object and how do I access it? I need to know the file being uploaded and its location.

I’m returning data like the example file dhtmlxform_item_upload.jsp is:

return "{state: %s, name: '%s', size: %d}" % (state,name,fsize)

where state is either ‘true’ or ‘false’, name is the file name and fsize is the file size
Is this correct and is there anything else that needs to be returned?

Thanks in advance.


please send us direct link to support at dhtmlx dot com, also include link to this thread