Server side sorting error ...

Hi ! Working with dinamic load . Pro version , build 110713 . I directed in mygrid.setColSorting( “connector,connector …” ) . Clicking on the column header - error :

====================================Log started, 10/07/2012 07:07:18====================================SELECT `uzsak`,`uzsak`,`preke`,`telkinys`,`uzs_kiekis`,`specai`, ... 'fakt_data`,`fakt_sav`,`pastabos_zs order by uzs_kiekis ASC` FROM uzsakym LIMIT 0,100!!!Uncaught ExceptionCode: 0Message: MySQL operation failedUnknown column 'pastabos_zs order by uzs_kiekis ASC' in 'field list'

As you can see - “order by” inserted with the last field . Where I can to correct this ?

With best regards !

Excuse me ! That was mine error ! All is working OK !