Server side sorting not working


I have a weird issue with server side sorting.
The grid is working correctly with the connector, as long as the sort() command stays commented:

include "../../htdocs_outside/common/login_inc.php"; // custom code with connection parameters
$logginggrid = new GridConnector($mysqli, "MySQLi");  
// $logginggrid->sort("ORDER BY id DESC");
$logginggrid->render_table("logging","id","id,timestamp,uid,username, realm, action, doc_type, doc_id, public_info, extra_info");

When I uncomment the last but one line with the sort command, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method GridConnector::sort() in C:\xampp\htdocs\login\loggingGrid.php on line 23
However, most of the other connector methods seem to work fine.

Anyone an idea what’s wrong with this one?
Beste regards, Maxx

Update: changed syntax to $logginggrid->sort(“id”, “DESC”);
But same problem.

Please try to use the latest version of connector ( you can grab it from the github )
This method may not exists in older versions.

Ok, thanks, it works now, also other things that I was missing (like asString).

Beste regards, Maxx