server side xml

Im able to load chart from a local xml file. But can you explain in detail how to load chart from a server side xml file. Is there any format to specify the url of a server side xml file? I went through the overview and APIS but im not able to understand how to do this.
The server language im using is JAVA.

in samples folder, 02_data_load, file 3_loadxml.html:

        // Load data structure		

user relative URL.

Will the loadData method read a server side url (if so can you give me a sample of how to set that url) or is it necessary that the xml file should be in a local folder to load the chart? What is the purpose of the file used in the setLoadPath method?

setLoadPath() is redundant, please use loadData() directly to point to your server script or XML file. Sample is as this:

I tried to use this syntax ganttChartControl.loadData(“some_url_script.aspx”,true,true); for getting XML data from a database. But no luck up till now.

What should the aspx page return ?
I now set it to return “text/xml” and retruns a neat formatted XML result if I simply call the URL direct.

That’s right, it should simply return text/xml data, do you have some xml header like this?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

[/code] If not, try to add it.
This sample uses the mentioned method … _save.html.

I cannot load xml data from url like

I get an error saying that file “http…” is not found. The server side script output begins with <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
any ideas?

May be it useful to someone trying to figure out. I had initially trouble with relative paths but now I have a working version.

I am able to make it work using
G_Svc_URL = “MyWebService.asmx/getMyProperlyFormattedXML”;

ganttChartControl.loadData(G_Svc_URL, true, true);

My webservice method is local to the application reading from database. The most time taking part(for me) was formatting the xml as gantt chart required.