Server side


Can I get an explanation of how the integration to the server side is working?? I didn’t find it in the documentation. I mean, how the integration with server is working? Can I call MY CLASSES when I use the sendData function? what is the defualt implementation does? Saves the new grid in the xml??

Thanks in advanced, Efrat

Default implementation exec CRUD operations automatically.
You can map any custom code , to the actions, through server side events. … ex_updates … cessor:toc

What do you mean by “automatically”? what exactly does it do? changes the xml which was used for loading the table? something else?

I get the xml string from my server and then use the parse for getting the table, so what exactly is done when user make some CRUD transactions??

Default routine assumes that you are using connector on server side … cessor:toc
Client send info about changes to server, where data updated directly in database, xml used just as transport between client and server.

But I don’t want to integrate with DB directly - I have my classes and my logic which I want to invoke. My question is if there is a way to call some methods by ajax or something and not to perform directly SQLs.

Thanks, Efrat

I’ll explain what I need - I have no access to the DB,I need to send the data to a third party server via a web service. How can I do that if I use the dhtmlxGrid ?!
Is there any java hook which I can add/define/write ?

Thanks, Efrat

You can skip connector and dataprocessor in such case.
Components has events, which fire for edit|insert|delete operations. So you can assign custom logic to those events and each time when operation occurs just make an ajax call to the remote server. ( events provide enough info to obtain all details about affected row|item )